Camilla Crociani

The bride wore a simple band/tiara
of white flowers in her hair to
hold on her veil to tulle. The
veil is about the same size of
the train.

The dress was some-what similar
to that of Marie-Chatal Millerís
gown when she married Prince Pavlos
of Greece. She wore a strap-less
dress, which had the neckline and
sleeves done in lace and marked with
embroidery. The lace came about
half-way down the waist of the dress.
The sleeves were long and snug at
the ends with thick bands of silk.
The same fabric used to make other
parts of the dress. The neckline of
the dress is high and tight on the neck.
The neckline was completely done in lace.
The waist line is fitted and the skirt
of the dress that was made in silk
slightly flared from the bodice. The
skirt is full, and bell shaped. The
bottom edges of the skirt are once
again, lined with a thick silk lining,
the same lining that is used on the

The train is between 2-3 meters
long. It too is lined with silk

The bridal bouquet is made up
of white lilies with large leaves.
It is tied together with white ribbon.