Princess Maria Paloma
Princess Maria wore a beautiful diamond
button tiara, made of seven diamond
buttons. The base of the tiara is rather
large, but, equipped with black/brown
velvet to hide it in hair.
The veil was made of lace with a flower
pattern, and attached to the back of
the tiara at the bottom of the hair
style. She also wore six pearl colored
pins in her hair to keep the veil in place.

The bride also wore a pair of round pearl

The dress was made of what looks to
be Makado Silk. It is thick and without
wrinkles. The neckline of the dress is
oval, and the sleeves are long and not
attached at the end. The dress seems to
be in two pieces. The top being a coat
type dress, with no front opening, it
seems to simply slip over the under skirt.
The waist of the dress is rather loose.
The top dress splits just below the waist
line in front, allowing one to see the
beautiful full length, bell shaped skirt
underneath. The skirt underneath is of
the same fabric as the top dress. It looks
as thought there might be some slight
embroidery through out the dress.

The train of the dress is formed through
the top portion of the gown. It is
between 3-5 meters long. The veil of
the dress is not as long as the train.

The bridal bouquet is made of white
roses and dark green leaves.