Donna Paola Ruffo di Calabria

Paola wears a “tiara” of Orange
Blossoms, holding in place a
family heirloom veil belonging
to her family. First worn by
her grandmother and her mother
at their weddings. This veil is
later worn by her only daughter
Astrid on her wedding day and
also by her daughter in law the
Duchess of Brabant in 1999. The
veil was also worn by Paolas newphews
bride on her wedding day, and also by
Princess Mafalda of Aosta in recent years.

Princess Paola designed her own
dress made of heavy silk. The
dress had a deep collar and
featured a bell shaped and
pleated skirt slightly flaired
from a bow around the bodice in
the front. The bow on the front
of the dress had a round piece
of jewelry (possibly a large
brooch) at the center of it. The
¾ inch sleeves are fitted at the
ends to ensure no slipping.

Although the dress has not much
of a neckline, it is circle
shaped around the neck and slightly
low. Princess Paola wore no necklace.
Attached at the waist or shoulders
fell a large and long train of the
same fabric and materials.

Bouquet of stephanoitis (round),
trailed ribbion with flowers trailing
from the ribbion, surrounded by tulle.