Claire Booth

Ms. Booth wore a tiara of diamonds,
probably belonging to the Glouchester
Family. The tiara is most likely in
her mother-in-laws private possession.
The tiara was made of diamonds. It has
diamond spikes topped with small brilliants.
With a diamond cluster motif design.

The brides veil was short and came to
about the shoulders, or the middle of
the back. A fabric lining was around
the bottom.

The bride wore a strapless gown of
silk of Vera Wang design. The dress
which had no bodice,
flared at the waist area. The dress
was tightly fitted around the waist
area, with seams folling to the bottom
of the skirt. The dress which featured
a small train, probably around three
meters, was attached at the waist.

The bridal bouquet was made of what
looks to be red roses. With dark green