Princess Elizabeth

Britain's Crown Princess Elizabeth
wore a beautiful, small sized tiara,
made of brilliants for her 1947 wedding.
The tiara which most likely originally
belonged to Queen Mary, was
russian/sunburst style. The bride also
wore pearl earrings and a string of
pearls around her neck.

The veil was made of light white tulle
It was half the length of the train.

Designer Norman Hartnell designed the
white satin dress, that the princess,
graced the isle with. The dress had a
sweetheart neckline, and long satin sleeves.
The dress featured tons of beautiful
embroidery. The dress was embroidered
heavily along the hem of the dress, the
long satin sleeves, the neckline, and
the train. Through out the entire dress
garlands of pearl orange blossom,syringa,
jasmine, white rose
of York, and lines
of wheat were embroidered.
Lines of wheat symbolized firtility.

The heavily embroidered bridal train was
attached at the shoulders and flowed at
15 ft long.

Elizabeth carried a bouquet of white flowers.