Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret wears a tiara of
scrolls, leaves and flowers set on
a row of small diamond collets. It
can be worn as a necklace, two brooches
or a circlet. The tiara had been
bought by the princess from the daughter
of the third Baron Poltimore; it had
been made for the wife of the second
baron. This tiara is now most likely
in the private possession the Viscount
Linley and his wife. Margaret also wore
a beautiful white diamond necklace
around her neck.

The Tulle veil was made of more than one
piece, with about two different lengths
for it. The outside edges of the veil
were accented with white silk (most likely)
around it.

The Princess wore a white dress made
from silk. The dress had a semi-low
V shaped neckline. The back of the coat
of the dress is soft set on the back of
her neck. The coat buttoned down the front
of the dress. The long sleeves of the
dress also featured small fabric buttons
down to the wrists. The bottom dress, was
made with small straps, and was also low.
The under dress could barely be seen
underneath the coat. The dress was tightly
fitted in the waist area which lead to the
nicely bell shaped, and pleated skirt. The
full length skirt was slightly longer in the back.

The train which was not too long was
probably between 2-3 meters long. The tulle
veil was longer in length then the train. The
train of Margaretís dress attached at the waist.

The bridal bouquet was made up of white flowers.