Serena Stanhope

This papyrus-shaped tiara with
mounts framed in scrolls separated
by palmettes is accented with pearls.
Diamond trails arch above, surmounted
by diamonds and a pearl.
Was first owned by Queen Mary.
The Queen bought the tiara from
Garrard's. and then gave it to
the then Duchess (nee' Lady Elizabeth
Bowes-Lyon. It somehow ended up in
the personal property of HRH Princess
Margaret. It was most likely a gift from
her mother.

The bride wore a veil of Tulle, with pearl

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When the Hon. Serena Stanhope married
Viscount Linley in 1993, she wore a beautifl
white dress made of silk and tulle. The
dress was made into two parts. The top
being a coat. The bottom being a double

The top protion of the dress was a
coat. It had long wrist length sleeves,
and a low V-shaped neckline, with high
collar. The sleeves of the dress featured
several small fabric buttons.
The front of the coat was buttoned
down the front. It opened just above the
waist, where it was immediatly feathered
back and tied behind to form a rather huge
bow shape. The waist area fitted well.

The bottom half of the dress which was the
skirt of the dress, was in two seperate parts.
The bottom was a thin bell shaped skirt of
silk. It featured a thin lining of silk
around the edges. It was thin covered up
by a thinck, probably of two layers of
Tulle material. It was topped with a
large bow from the jacket of the upper
portion of the dress on the back.

The train of the dress was only about 2
meters long, possibly shorter. It too
was made of Tulle. The veil was the same length.

The bridal bouquet was of what looks to be
Queen Anne's lace with green stems.