Marie-Chantal Miller

Marie-Chantal Miller wears a diamond
and pearl tiara belonging to Queen
Anne-Marie. It had been a birthday
gift to the Queen from her parents,
King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid
of Denmark. The tiara was made from
an antique pearl brooch that had
belonged to HM Queen Ingrid.

The full length veil was made of
12 different types of lace. The veil
was made of Chantilly-lace, and was
4 1/2 meters long. The veil was embroidered
with patterns of butterflies for good luck.

Designed by world famous dress designer
Valentino, Marie-Chantal's 150,000+ dress,
was created with handmade silk and

Marie-Chantal's bodice took 25 dress makers
4 month's to stich. Tiny roses like those
on the rest of the dress were hand stiched
in the lace bodice of the dress.

The bridal dress was a tulip shaped dress
with two deep pleats that formed a train
attached at the waist, that was a mere 4
meters long and also embroidered with roses
and butterflies for good luck. Petals and
flowers in the same material were added with
opaque beading.

Marie-Chantal's wedding bouquet was
a large cluster creamy white roses and
green leaves.