Marilene van den Broek

Marliene wore the Ears
of Wheat tiara also worn
later by her sister in law
Annette for her 2001 wedding.
The tiara formally belonged
to HM Queen Wilhelmina. The
tiara originally consisted
of 10 ears of wheat. Two have
since been sold. When worn most
brides who wear it with ears,
though some are known to have
worn less. Marliene I believe
wore all 8 diamond ears. The
veil was made of tulle. Her veil
was about as long as her train.
The bride wore single pearl studded
The brides dress was made
of white silk material.
Her dress was made with a
Dutch style collar around
a slightly low neckline.
Buttons adorned the front
of the dress. The waist
line of the dress was fitted.
The long pleated skirt, which
was slightly longer in the
back, formed a small train.
The skirt was longer in the
back to form a small train.
The sleeves of the dress were
long and opened at the ends.
They also consisted of thick
bands at the wrists that could
be buttoned, with the same type
of buttons down the front of the dress.