Isabelle de l'Arbre de Malander

Isabelle de l'Arbre de
Malander wore a beautiful
diamond fridge tiara.
The tiara was made by Austrian
jewelry firm Kochert. The tiara
made of diamonds, with several large
spikes, has three round brilliants,
stacked atop each other, in between
each large spike. The tiara is
from the Portugese Infanta Maria
Theresa when she married Archduke
Charles Louis of Austria.

For her 1971 wedding, Isabelle
wore no veil, or jewelry at all.

The bridal dress looks like it
may have been made out of either
silk or satin. The dress featured
a high neckline, snug to the neck.
The long sleeves were wrist length
but, were loose fitting and opened
at the ends. The bridal dress was
A-lined and tight fitted at the
waist. The skirt of the dress
featured embroidery at the bottom.

The train on the dress extended
about 3-31/2 meters, and was made
of the same material as the dress.
It was attached to the dress at
the shoulders rather than the waist.

The bridal bouquet was made of
white flowers, and dark green leaves.