Princess Nora of Liechtenstein

Princess Nora wore a unique
small tiara like white fleur motif.
May have been a present from
the groom or it May belong the
the Princely Family.
The bridal gown was made of silk.
It consisted of a dot design on the
top portion of the gown and a
cris-cross hatch design on the
skirt of the gown.

The neckline was tight and oval.
While the sleeves on the dress were
pouffed at the shoulders and wrist
length. The waist of the dress was
fitted, and the bodice extended to the
brides lower waist. It was tight past
the waist to keep the skirt from flaring.

The skirt of Nora’s dress was full and
bell shaped. The train of the dress
is of unknown measurements. The
bride’s veil was made of tulle.

The bouquet was made of white flower
and green leaves.