Duchess Sophie in Bavaria

The bride wore a beautiful tiara of
what looks to be Daisys. Made of gold
and diamonds the tiara is probably in
the possession of her mother. It is most
likely a family heirloom.
Princess Sophie in Bavaria wore a
beautiful white silk dress. The
dress was made of a thick material.
The dress featured a beautiful long,
and swooped V shaped neckline.
With length sleeves that had been
fitted at the ends of the wrists.

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The skirt of the dress was bell shaped,
with a long flowing 6-8 meter train.
Possibly attached at the shoulders
rather than the waist, the bridal train
was equipped with handles, made out of
what looks like to be elastic. This was
so that the little train bearers would
be able to hold the train off the
ground while walking up the hill to
the cathedral.