Princess Tatjana of Liechtenstein

Princess Tatjana of Liechtenstein
wore a beautiful tiara of diamonds.
A kinsky family tiara. Possibly
belonging to her mothers family.
This tiara belongs to her mothers
family. The bridal veil was made
of a simple, lite, sheeth fabric.
Unlike other bridal veils made of Tulle.

The bridal dress was made of white
silk. The dress had no bodice or
waist. The simple bridal gown had
two seems down the sides, to fit
the dress. The long sleeves ended
at the wrists. The neckline was
round, and high on the neck. The
long skirt was not bell shaped, but
A line. The skirt of the dress
looks like it has a few pleats in it.

The train was made of white silk
also, and extended from the waist.
The length of the train is currently