Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg

Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg
wore her mothers wedding gift from
the Belgian Congo as a tiara for
her wedding day. This was previously
worn by her mother Josephine-Charlotte
and her sister Margaretha on their
wedding days. The diamond necklace was
also worn by her sister-in-law Maria-Teresa
on her wedding day. The bride wore a
necklace and earrings also.

The bridal veil was made of Tulle
material and was as long as the train.
The upper portion of the veil around
the face area is embroidered with a
thin lining of lace.

Marie-Astrid wore a beautiful white
dress made of silk. The dress is
made like a wrap around dress. The
outside edges of the dress are made
with rather medium ruffles. The neckline
of the dress is also ruffled. The
long slender sleeves are wrist length.
Ruffled at the shoulders the dress
features a full length bell shaped skirt.
Ruffles are also located at the bottom
of the skirt. It looks as though the
bodice/waist area of the dress might have
a tie of some sort. Also, the dress may be
one full dress, but, made to look like the
famous wrap dress.

The train of the dress is rather long
about 3-4 meters in length. It too has
ruffles around it oval shape. The train
is attached at the shoulders.

The bridal bouquet is made of white
roses with green.