Sybilla Wieller

Sybilla did not wear a tiara on her
wedding day. She wore a beautiful
veil made of lace that was attached
possibly by a pin to her hair. The
lace veil had shaped edges. The detail
looks as though it might be of flowers
and leaves.
The top portion of the dress was
of the same lace as the veil. The
dress was made with long sleeves.
The dress was fitted well to the
waist and arms. The neckline was
shaped like the ends of the veil.

The bell shaped skirt of the dress
was made of white silk. It was floor
length. The length of the skirt
covered her shoes. The skirt was
pleated at the waist. The long skirt
featured two seams down both sides.
The bottom of the skirt was lined with
a rather large ruffle.