Princess Caroline of Monaco and Prince Ernst August of Hannover

Caroline’s most recent marriage was to
HSH Prince Ernst of Hanover in 1999.
This would be his second marriage, and
the couple was already expecting their
first child. The baby daughter who
would arrive about 6 mo. later would
be named Alexandra. Ernst and Caroline
were linked many years earlier. Many
thought that the childhood friends
would have married earlier. Ernst
asked the Queen of England for permission
to marry the Catholic Caroline. It was
truly discreet.

Caroline wore a simple gray suit. She
wore no tiara, nor did she in her first
two marriages. She wore a pair of gold
earrings, a gold watch/bracelet, and a
gold brooch. The suit consisted of a
medium sized collar. The suit also
consisted of a thick button front. It
had of gold buttons, with a sequence
of six rows of two buttons. The skirt
had thick pleats in it.