Princess Caroline of Monaco and Phillippe Junot

Her hair was parted in the back
and pulled straight back behind
her head. It was coiled. Semicircles
of tiny flowers curved from behind her
crown forward, across her temples and
down over her ears.

Carolines dress and veil for her first
marriage was made of Organdie
and designed by famous designer
Chrstian Dior.

The dress had long sleeves that
were wrist length, collarless
high-necked dress. The sleeve,
and shoulder portion of the
dress were slightly see-thru.
The waist of the dress was marked
by a thick band. The softly fallen
skirt slightly flaired from the waist.

The dress from about the middle
Of the chest down was solid white.
Making it look as though the dress
In two different parts.

Like the sleeves and neck of the dress,
the bell shaped skirt of the dress,
featured embroidery. The embroidery
looks as though it were made of lace.
The skirt had two panels of
light fabric in it, to make
it look as though there were
two portions to the skirt.

Her deeply scalloped hemline,
just below ankle length,
revealed the tips of her graceful
white silk pumps.

The bride carried a bouquet of white

Italics are quotes from: Judith
Balaban Quine's "The Bridesmaids"
Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, and
Six Intimate Friends".