Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly chose not to wear a diandem
when she married her dashing handsome
prince, only a beautiful head piece to
accompany her long veil. The veil had
beautiful very fine pearl and flower
embroidery. Her cap was made of several
kinds of lace, which had tiny flowers also
made of lace. Grace wore double studded
pearl earrings.

Designed by Helen Rose, who was a famous movie
costume designer. Her beautiful dress was made
of Ivory silk taffeta, and peau de soie, made
from 125 year old lace. The dress featured a
bodice, with a full skirt slightly flaring from
the waist. The sleeves of the dress had about 8
small buttons at the end of the sleeves. Buttons
also adorned the front of the gown with an open

The princess’ bouquet was made of white hydrangeas,
lilacs and lilies.

After the wedding the Princess' dress was shipped
to the United States. It is currently on display
in her hometown of Philadelphia Pennsylvania.