Princess Stephanie of Monaco

Monaco’s rowdy Princess married in 1995
to her former bodyguard Daniel Ducruat.
They also married in a quiet ceremony.
Stephanie wore a simple set of pearls.
No tiara or major jewelry was present.

The brides dress looked as though it
could have been a cocktail dress. It
was a beautiful dress. The dress was
a white slip dress, with a low neckline.
The dress had over material of thick
lace. The lace formed the sleeves, and
made the skirt look much longer than it
was. He lace had large flowers embroi-
dered into it. The sleeves were wrist
length. The lace top was ruffled at
the neckline, the end of the sleeves,
and at the bottom of the longer lace skirt.
The back of the dress consisted of a
bunch of gathered ruffles.

She had a bouquet of white and yellow
flowers with lots of green.