Isabel Ines de Castro Curvello de Heredia
The bride wore a beautiful diamond tiara,
made of spikes. Every other spike featured
a round brilliant atop. The tiara is most
likely a family tiara, probably belonging
to HM Queen Maria Pia of Portugal.
The bride also wore a diamond star
in her hair, probably coming from a tiara
belonging to Queen Maria Pia of Portugal.

The bridal veil was made of tulle, and
about the same length of the train.

The bride wore a short sleeved white
silk dress. The dress was also made
with a V-shaped neckline. The top of
the dress was made to resemble a
wrap around. The bodice of the dress
was tightly placed around the waist,
and the bell shaped skirt flared from
the waist. The full length bell shaped
skirt was made to be elevated with
tulle underneath the skirt. Forming a
rather large bell shaped skirt. The
skirt was pleated at the waist.

The bridal train was short, probably
between 2-21/2 meters long.