Simoneta Gomez-Acebo

When Simoneta Gomez-Acebo (only daughter of
HRH Infanta Pilar) married in 1990, she wore
her grandmother (the late Countess of Barcelona's)
beloved tiara. The tiara is said to have been
Queen Viktoria Eugiene's pride. It originally
had belonged to HM Queen Maria-Cristina (born
an Archduchess of Austria)second wife of Alfonso
XII, it was later passed to the new Queen in
1906 and later given as a wedding present to
Princess Maria de las Mercedes of Bourbon dos
Sicilies in 1935. The tiara seems to have been
given to the Infanta Pilar after her mothers
death, if not, it is most likely in the families
vault waiting for the next Princess of Astrius.

The tiara made by Cartier was made of diamonds
and pearls. The tiara's design consist's of double
gradulated loops (eight in all) crowning a
beautiful pear shaped pearl, which are all
accented by trails of laurel leaves. The top of
the tiara is accented with eight medium sized
pearls, and one large central pear shaped pearl.
The tiara consists of several pear shaped pearls
throughout it's design.

Simoneta wore a dress of white silk. The dress
featured long sleeves, and a small circle shaped
neckline. The brides long sleeves came to a point
at the ends. Simoneta's dress was ever so slightly
snug at the waistline, and the A frame skirt of the
dress was floor length. The bridal gown had a nice
2 to 2 1/2 meter long train made of the same material.

The bride carried a bouquet made of a mixture of white