Princess Sophia of Greece

Princess Sophia wears a diamond tiara
given to her by her parents King Paul
and Queen Frederike (nee Hanover) as
a wedding present.
This tiara was given to her mother Frederike
of Hanover when she became engaged to King Paul
of the Hellens. The tiara was originally given to
Princess Viktoria Louise of Prussia as a wedding
gift from her mother the Empress Agusta Viktoria.
A veil measuring 4 yards long was
supported by the Princess' diamond tiara.
The veil was made of several different types
of lace.

Greek/French designer Jean Desses
was comissioned to design the Princess'
dress. A secret left sealed until the
wedding ceremonies took place.
The dress consisted of a fitted bodice
overlaid with lace, that emphasized the
waist. Her skirt was bell shaped with a
train that was 6 yards long. The sleeves
on the Princess' dress were of 3/4 length long,
coming to about her elbows. Her shoes were of
the same matching fabric as her dress.

The bouquet was a sprig of Lily
of the Valley. Other flowers for the
wedding day included: 40,000 red and
Yellow Cornations, for the colors of her
new homeland.

Brides Maids included 8 Princess':
Irene Eugenie of Greece
Infanta Pilar of Spain
Irene of Holland
Alexandra of Kent
Tatiana Radziwill
Anne-Marie of Denmark
Benedikte of Denmark
Anne of France