Princess Birgitta of Sweden

Princess Birgitta of Sweden wore two
tiara's on her wedding days. The first,
a tiara of Cameo's belonging to the
Swedish Royal house. The second, a
Crown/Tiara of gold and diamonds
belonging to her husbands family,
Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. The crown
is worn by all brides of the royal,
house. One of which was the last Queen
of Portugal. The crown looks as though
it could be the diamond Crown of
HIM Empress Viktoria Agusta of Germany.
The bridal dress looks as it were
made of silk.With a high neckline
the dress also featured length
sleeves. The dress was made to fit
well in the waist area. With a
bodice of what looks to be a
waist line made of tight pleats.
Making way for a nice bell shaped

The bride wore a train of unknown
measurements. More then likely it
was as long as as the full veil
made of Tulle.