Princess Christina of Sweden

Princess Cristina wore Sweden’s
Connaught Diamond Tiara. A tiara of
diamonds and pearls that originally
belonged to Princess Margaret. She
most likely wore it in memory of her
mother who died just before the
wedding in 1974.

The beautiful bride wore a dress
of white silk/satin. The dress was
made with low V-shaped neckline.
The longs sleeves were made to
have bells on the end around the wrist.
The upper area of the dress was not
completely tight, and a separated
that upper from the lower portions
of the dress. The skirt of the dress
was a very narrow bell shape. The
skirt had large flowing pleats. The
back of the skirt was slightly longer
with two larger pleats to make it look
as though the longer portion was a
sort of train. The bottom of the skirt
has a rim possibly made of lace banded
around the dust area. The dress was
rather simple, yet beautiful.

The train to the Princess’ dress was
attached to the waist belt of the
dress, and was around 2-4 meters in length.

She carried a large bouquet of flowers
with lots of white and greens.