Silvia Sommerlath

The queen wore a beautiful cameo tiara,
which came to Sweden with Josephine
of Leuchtenberg, granddaughter of the
French empress.This tiara seems to be
a favorite among Swedish royal ladies
for their weddings, since the Kings’
sisters also chose to wear this tiara
to their weddings also. The diandem in
the shape of a crown, supported a viel
of several kings of lace, and myrtle leaves.
Sewed at Dior in Paris, signed Marc
Bohan. The material is silk.

The veil
had belonged to Queen Josefina of
Sweden granddaughter to the Empress
of France, in her first marriage.
The Queens veil was previously and later
worn by TRH Princess' Brigitta, Princess
Desiree and Princess Christina. The 150
year old veil, was made of "Brussel Lace"
and "under lining" of gauze.

The bridal bouquet was made of White Orchids,
Jasmine,and lily of the valley.