Alexandra Manley

Her tiara was a Queen Alexandra tiara
from the early 1900's. The tiara consists
of brilliants, possibly white gold, and
tiny pearls. Made of pointed double arches
hung with sparkling rimless diamond drops
it was a 18th birthday present to then
Crown Princess Margarethe in 1958.
Alexandra's gown was the work of Court designer
Jorgen Bender, who also designed Queen
Margrethe's wedding dress. In white
winter Italian silk, the dress, which
had a high waistband, opened front
and back to reveal an underskirt of silk.
A 4 meter long train was especially created
for the narrow chapel aisle, and the dress
was finished off with an astonishing 8,000
pearls, hand-sewn on to the edging and cuffs.

The bouquet was made up of jasmine,
roses, lillies and bauhenia, Hong
Kong's official flower. It also
contained leaves from the lime trees
at Schackenborg, the couple's new home,
myrtle from Queen Margrethe and rosemary
from the Queen Mother, Queen Ingrid.