Princess Alexandra of Kent

Princess Alexandra of Greece wore a
beautiful diamond fringe tiara for her
wedding to the Duke of Kent in 1962.
She wore a pair of pearl earrings.

The bridal veil matched the material and
make of the dress. The veil featured
thick embroidery around the edges.
The veil is slightly longer than the
small train of Alexandra’s dress.
It is said that the tiara was either
a wedding gift from Queen Mary,
or Alexandra borrowed it. It may
also be one from the Kent collection.

The wedding dress looks as though it
was made of silk and/or lace. The dress
is in two parts. One the bottom dress:
a silk strapless-sleeveless dress. The
second: An over dress made of lace. The
lace over dress was embroidered with
flowers. The embroidery that is on the
veil is the same embroidery that is
featured on the over dress. The bodice
of the dress is tightly fitted around the
lower waist of the bride. The embroidery
of flowers can be seen well through out
the dress. The dress is made with long
slender sleeves which are wrist length.
The dress has flowers showing up from
the neckline around the neck. These
flowers are also around the wrists of
the sleeves.

The bottom of the skirt which discreetly
comes from the waist of the skirt is
embroidered with what looks to be
thick lace. The small train is part
of the skirt of the dress.

The bridal bouquet was made of white
flowers and light green leaves.