Sarah Ferguson

The new Duchess of York wore a beautiful
diamond diandem, a gift from the queen.
Made with swirly motifs it has a central
design dopped by a diamond, which held in
place a long flowing viel with beautiful work
running along the edges. The tiara was purched
by HM at Gerhard's in London. It was worn by
Sarah for the first time at her wedding.

The bridal dress was made of cream
colored silk. Made to reflect the
Victorian Style. The entire dress
was embroidered though out. The
dress was decorated with thistles
and flowers from the bridal family
coat of arms. With ¾ length sleeves
that were tightened at the ends, the
dress had tons of embroidery on the
sleeves, neckline and shoulders. The
entire neckline was exquisite. The
dress featured tiny bows at the top
of the shoulders.

The dress had a nice fitting bodice
area leading into a beautiful bell
shaped skirt. Attached to the waist
of the dress was a long flowing train.
Sarah’s train was almost the size of
Diana’s five years earlier. A rather
large bow of the same fabric, held it
in place. Sarah had the Ferguson family
coat of arms embroidered into the train.